The Graduate Association of Physicists was formed to establish a community of students at Texas Tech University. Our main goal is to be a representative body for physics graduate students at Texas Tech University and in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. 

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The requirements for being a member of GrAsP you must be:

  • Enrolled as a graduate student within the Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Individuals employed by Texas Tech University as a Teaching or Research Assistant in the Department of Physics & Astrophysics are eligible for associate member status
  • Once per semester an enrolment fee of $20
  • Attendance of at least two regular meetings per long semester
  • Participation in organization elections and votes

Here you can find link to the Grasp Constitution, and the Grasp Bylaws


The multiple benefits for joining GRASP include but are not limited to:

  • Being apart of a group of like minded individuals
  • Funding:
    • Receive donations for the first months you are here
    • Apply to present research at conferences
    • Workshops
  • Awards for publishing
  • GrAsP merchandise for first year ¬†students

Our current leadership positions:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Madhi Sanati