The motivation of this section is to keep in touch with graduate alumni from the department and see what are they achieving in the real world. Here we have their stories.


  • Sanchari Sen: PhD Physics May’16 


    I am currently working at Intel, at the LABS division (Research and Development) on a metal oxide semi-conductor detector for gases (patented). I am analyzing the data for better, cheaper and quicker detection of gases as opposed to optical spectroscopy. This work involves a response of the normalized resistance change with varying temperature. Each gas due to the specific redox reaction with the MOS detector has a unique response. I will be trying to correlate this response to the specific chemical composition of the gases. I will also be working on a project involving Si-photonics to generate quantum random number. This work will involve my understanding of fundamental quantum mechanics and my expertise in optics.

     In my short experience in industry, my enthusiasm in different projects along with networking led me to exciting new pathways, even though these projects were not directly related to my thesis topic. I have found that keeping an open mind and always being ready for an opportunity could lead you to success in your specific field of interest.